Minnesota Strip

13 July 1976, Times Herald Record (Middletown, NY), pg. 7, cols. 1-2:

The so-called “Minnesota Strip”—a stretch of 8th Avenue between 42nd and 52nd Streets—was barren of hookers, pimps and convention delegates.
An area of cheap bars, massage parlors, porno book stores, peep shows and hotels of questionable repute, the “Minnesota Strip” got its name from a reported influx of teenage prostitutes following passage of tough morals laws in the Midwest.



Time, November 28, 1977 

Minneapolis police claim that up to 400 juveniles a year from the area are lost to other cities, with most of the youths winding up in prostitution in New York.

The Minneapolis Police Department sent a task force at one point to seek out runaways from the state, but they never found a girl who actually was from Minnesota. Prostitutes from the area had just taken to using Minnesota as their favorite faux home state or as part of their persona. What sort of John would turn down a midwest farmer’s daughter?  When someone asked a girl where she was from they automatically shot back, “Minnesota.” Just one more way for a prostitute could create a barrier between herself and the streets.



New York Times
A Seedy Strip Slowly Gives Way To Assaults of the Squeaky Clean
Published: June 20, 1997

To some, it was the Wild Side, to others, Hell’s Bedroom. At a particularly low point in the 1970’s, it became the Minnesota Strip, a bleak reference to Midwestern girls who had hoped for careers on the Broadway stage, only to become Eighth Avenue street walkers.

Now, the notorious strip of the avenue running 10 blocks north of Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Depot is coming out of the shadows. As the unprecedented transformation of Times Square spreads, Eighth Avenue has become its front line. Already, the same grim blocks that have been steeped for four decades in prostitution, drugs, homelessness and broken lives—and which still support the city’s biggest concentration of adult entertainment businesses—are attracting a small invasion of squeaky-clean, family-style restaurants, tourist shops and stylish apartment buildings.


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