Accidental Cannibal

There is big money to be made in human organ trafficking. The exchange of human organs for cash or any other "valuable consideration" (such as a car or a vacation) is illegal in every country except Iran. Nonetheless, international organ trafficking—mostly of kidneys, but also of half-livers, eyes, skin and blood—is flourishing; the World Health Organization estimates that one fifth of the 70,000 kidneys transplanted worldwide every year come from the black market. Most of that trade can be explained by the simple laws of supply and demand. Increasing life spans, better diagnosis of kidney failure and improved surgeries that can be safely performed on even the riskiest of patients have spurred unprecedented demand for human organs. In America, the number of people in need of a transplant has nearly tripled during the past decade.

When a liver marked for transplant disappeared from a California hospital in January of 1995 it should be of surprise to no one that investigators immediately swung into action. The shocking conclusion of that investigation however, was a surprise to everyone.

The missing liver did not become contraband bound for underground sale…it ended up in the hospital kitchen.

Investigators found that a clumsy nurse had fumbled and dropped the liver on the floor. She then tried to cover up her mistake by stashing the dirty organ in the hospital cafeteria. There the liver did not remain, before anyone found out what she had done the liver had been cooked and served to the facilities patients and visitors. Furthermore and perhaps even more mind blowing, hospital officials prevailed on the investigators to enter into a cover up and keep the whole affair secret!

“She was carrying the liver when she apparently lost her grip and dropped it on the floor. She realized immediately the contaminated liver could never be used and she was afraid she would get in very serious trouble for dropping it,” an unnamed period hospital spokesman is quoted as saying.

“In an attempt to cover up her mistake she just made a very bad decision. There is no sense in panicking the hundreds of people who have eaten at the cafeteria in the past few weeks. It would be unfair to let one person’s actions reflect badly on our entire hospital.”

I believe Captain Willard said it best in Apocalypse Now:

“Oh man… the bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam, you needed wings to stay above it”

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