Instruments of The Devil

Rock and roll music is used by Satan in deception. People are led astray and they will no longer respond to the Bible. These people become distant from God, worldly, and immune to Scriptural correction. They become obsessed with their love of Satan’s music and will defend it unto the destruction of their souls! Rock and roll rebels develop a type of rebellion in their hearts. Do not be deceived by Satan’s rock music! If you are a pastor then get it out of your church immediately (before you are judged for harming God’s people). If you attend a rock and roll church then get out now! Be assured that the Lord left that church long ago.

Pastor Gary warns kids about the dangers of listening to punk bands like the Ramones, the Dead Kennedys and…. AC/DC


Pastor Gary warns young people about the dangers of listening to punk bands like the Circle Jerks, the Plasmatics and …..KISS

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“Dad warned me about the dangers of satanic music. When I begged and pleaded to go see Duran Duran at the Arena in Oakland in 1984, Dad listened to their songs and played them backward for messages. He surveyed their album covers for hidden pentagrams or any allegiance to Satan. After handling their releases as if he were investigating a murder scene, he gave me the go-ahead to attend the concert with the adult supervision of my friend’s mother.”

Tony DuShane


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  1. Posted May 28, 2011 at 12:25 am | Permalink

    Pastor Gary is alive and well in Santa Ana, CA. Looks like perfect documentary fodder to me.

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