Das Über-Auto

Just imagine,” Hitler said with awe in his voice, “a motor car that can reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour.  It’s just too perfect.  It’s exactly what is needed in the New Order.  Modern man with modern machines.”  He shook his head in sudden appreciation.

Several of the men had stopped talking and were listening intently to their Führer’s words.

“At speeds such as this, a man does not have time to think, but only to react.  His basic Aryan instincts take control.  It is the perfect example of the type of modern man that National Socialism hopes to achieve.  He survives by the sheer power of his will and innate abilities.  A man whose base emotions, rather than any puny and convoluted intellectual application, will bring him triumph in all areas of life.  This is the type of man that we will fashion in the coming years.  This is the kind of person that will populate the greater Reich.  A person born of new technology, freed from the restraints of past ignorance and superstition, a man who will react intelligently to orders and never bother to think for himself.”

Hitler’s voice was rising and one of his aides, Chief of Staff Martin Bormann, moved to distract his Führer.  It was still morning and no one present was in the mood for one of the Führer’s lengthy philosophical tirades.

“Gentlemen,” Bormann said in a loud voice, “I think we can all agree that this car, the Mercedes W165, will once again show the world the perfection of German engineering.”

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