Negative Approach

The Demagogues post up with Pinback’s Rob Crow to take our cultural icons to task over a wide array of craft beers and a manly handle of boxed wine.

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Neil Norman-Day The Earth Stood Still
Make Believe-Political Mysticism
Osmonds-Gotta Get Love
This Heat-A New Kind Of Water
The Shaggs-You’re Somethin’ Special
Family Fodder-Savoir Faire
Barbara-Toi L’homme
Harry Nilsson-Think About Your Troubles
Angry Samoans-Lights Out
Deep Wound-Sisters
The Boredoms-Acid Police
Liquid Liquid-Out
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band-Click Clack
The Moody Blues-The Best Way To Travel
Townes Van Zandt-Flyin’ Shoes

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One Comment

  1. Posted September 14, 2012 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

    Rob Crow joins the the Culte to talk about the new Pinback album, Boyd Rice, The Fonz, Happy Days Again, quality children’s shows, irrational fear of Henry Rollins, Dave Mustaine’s crackhead haircut, how Ted Nugent could have stopped the Aurora shooting if not for all our damn anti-bow-hunters conceal and carry laws, fatherhood, creative processes, GOBLIN COCK’S NEW OPERA….. It goes on and on…

    I stayed up all night many nights this week I can bring you the Rob Crow episode of the Cargo Culte, by far the most dense, challenging and funny episode yet… I’m learning the basics of audio production and Audtion, basically making this shit up as I go and having a lot of “fun” doing it and there is a slight issue with a couple of the songs speed wavering but you know what, make your own damn podcast… This shit rocks.

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