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Joe From Paris

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Anomalous Siblings

The medieval chroniclers Ralph, Abbot of Coggeshall, and William of Newburg, tell us the events played out during the chaotic reign of King Stephen (ad 1135-54) at harvest time. Local peasants working the fields of Woolpit, near Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk were interrupted by the distinct cries of children. Wolves stalked the area, so the villagers rushed off in the direction of the sound.

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Nurse Fatal

Jane Toppan, a nurse at the end of the nineteenth century, experimented on patients with a mixture of drugs that killed gradually. As the patients lost consciousness, she would climb into bed to cradle them while they slipped into oblivion. After she went to work for a family, its members began to die, one by one, with gentle Jane by their side. Finally, someone grew suspicious and examined these deaths more closely, leading to Toppan’s arrest. During her examination and trial, Toppan admitted to being aroused by death; a lust killer. In fact, she said that her sole regret was that she had been stopped so soon, and had she married and had a family, she was certain she would have killed them all as well.

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The Race to Demagoguery


One of the more surprising developments in recent years in takfiri circles has been the attempt to move into Palestine. Some back-story: while all Islamic extremist organizations wave the bloody shirt of the Palestinians, Palestinians are notably underrepresented in groups like al-Qaeda; and counterterrorism analysts typically explain that by recourse to the fact that Palestinian extremists don’t have to go very far to find enemies, so the appeal of anti-nationalistic extremists like al-Qaeda is understandably minimal. Still, in recent years, Salafist organizations have tried to set up shop in Gaza. Remarkably, Hamas — one of the most despicable organizations on the planet — has been their enemy. Thomas Rid explains:

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Heaven’s Host

Esoteric circles have long recognized that certain Adepts may transcend Death. Those who’s mastery of the teachings enable them to break free of this mortal coil and ascend to something more. These circles know that there exists on other planes a collection, an organization if you will, of these Ascended Masters who watch over us and guide us. The Great White Brotherhood are those who who have risen from the Earth into immortality, but still maintain an active watch over the world.

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