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Age of Iron


The Kali Yuga still has 200,000 or so years to play…good news for advocates & avatars of CHAOS, bad news for Brahmins, Yahwists, bureaucratic-gods & their runningdogs.

I knew Darjeeling hid something for me soon as I heard the name–dorje ling–Thunderbolt City. In 1969 I arrived just before the monsoons. Old British hill station, summer hdqrs for Govt. of Bengal—streets in the form of winding wood staircases, the Mall with a View of Sikkim & Mt. Katchenhunga—Tibetan temples & refugees—beautiful yellow-porcelain people called Lepchas (the real abo’s)—Hindus, Moslems, Nepalese & Bhutanese Buddhists & decaying Brits who lost their way home in ‘47, still running musty banks & tea-shoppes.

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Mountain Meadows

Joseph Smith was either a prophet of God or a charlatan. He was considered both a man chosen by Jehovah as a modern-day oracle who would lead humanity back to the One True Church and bring about Gods Kingdom on earth, and a philandering con man who abused the trust of his gullible followers by taking a second-rate novel and using it as the basis for his cult of personality. He was a charismatic leader who upon receiving his first Revelation in 1832, managed to spread a new brand of Christianity around the world in just a few short years.

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