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Warning to Fellow Travelers


At this point the critical reader will certainly offer an objection. "You have been inviting me," he will say, "to do nothing more or less than trust my senses: and this too on the authority of those impracticable dreamers the poets. Now it is notorious that our senses deceive us. Every one knows that; and even your own remarks have already suggested it. How, then, can a wholesale and uncritical acceptance of my sensations help me to unite with Reality? Many of these sensations we share with the animals: in some, the animals obviously surpass us. Will you suggest that my terrier, smelling his way through an uncoordinated universe, is a better mystic than I?"

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General Security: The Liquidation of Opium


It is my undisguised intention to exhaust the subject once and for all, so they will leave us the hell alone with the so-called dangers of the drug.

My point of view is clearly anti-social.

There is only one reason to attack opium. This is the danger that its use can inflict on society as a whole.


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Witchfinder General

Britain of the mid-17th century was a very dangerous place indeed. The land was wracked by bloody civil war: a titanic struggle between the nobility and the professional classes, Catholics and Protestants, King Charles I squaring off against Oliver Cromwell and the forces of Parliament. Between the years of 1642 and 1651 the opposing factions turned Scotland into its battleground while England was primarily left to its own devices. The result was a state of anarchy, where nobody was safe.

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On April 12, we will once again celebrate the anniversary of Soviet space exploration, as well as the sixth birthday of the avant-garde of the Communist Party of St. Petersburg and Leningrad.

The bourgeois government of Russia has long had full and comprehensive evidence of the existence of intelligent life in the universe, but sordidly hides it from the Russian people.

The reason for the Kremlin’s silence is simple and obvious. In most of the inhabited planets in the solar system and beyond, socialism has long reigned. Delegations from these alien socialist societies have traveled here, the territory of the Russian Federation, with proposals to share with mankind the advances of communism in space.

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Black Sheep of Oneida

For all their grand, benevolent statement and intentions utopian societies are rarely looked upon with favor by the wider populace. The Oneida Community of the mid and latter 19th century New York State was hardly an exception. The Community was founded on John H. Noyes’ theology of Perfectionism, a form of Christianity with two basic values; self-perfection and communalism. These ideals were translated into everyday life through shared property and work. Oneida was a society where the interest of one member became the interest of all – the enlargement of the family. They called themselves Perfectionists and, being logical and literal, they proceeded to substitute for the small unit of home and family and individual possessions, the larger unit of group-family and group-family life.

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