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Omnipotent Oom

“Wily con man, yogi, athlete, bank president, founder of the Tantrik Order in America and the Clarkstown Country Club in Nyack, New York, the remarkable “Doctor” Bernard was all of these. He was also the Omnipotent Oom, whose devoted followers included some of the most famous names in America.”

Pierre Bernard, Oom the Omnipotent, Promoter and Self-Styled Swami, Dies

New York Times, September 28, 1955

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Cadaver Synod

The papal office has an unparalleled record of corruption and criminality over the centuries, and the true history of the popes is one of scandals, cruelty, debauchery, reigns of terror, warfare and moral depravity. For centuries, the Church maintained a comprehensive account of the lives of the popes during which amazing excesses were recorded. Official Catholic records provide extraordinary confessions of wickedness in the whole Christian clergy, and the implications surrounding this knowledge begin to assume major new proportions when considered in light of the central Church claim of unquestionable piety in the clerical hierarchy.

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Michelle Remembers

Elyse Marie Pahler knew her killers from the school bus. Elyse, Jacob Delashmutt and Joseph Fiorella attended Arroyo Grande High School in San Luis Obispo, 195 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Roger Casey attended a nearby school. On July 22, 1995 the three boys took Elyse to a hidden location about a quarter-mile from her home, fed her drugs, raped her, tied a belt around her neck “to make it easier to stab her”, and offered her up as the “ultimate sin against God”. The three stabbed the girl to death at at an alleged “Satanic altar”. The boys “selected and stalked” Elyse believing that a virgin sacrifice would earn them a “ticket to Hell”.

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King of Them All

James Jackson Jeffries was born on the 15th of April, 1875 in Carrol, Ohio. When he came of age, he moved to the west coast and earned his living as a boilermaker. He stood at 6’2 and weighed about 210 lbs, being at that day’s standards a very big man who had huge natural strength. To earn some extra cash he started boxing in 1896. In those days there were no four- or six-rounders to start with, so even the novices fought for twenty rounds. In the next year Jeffries studied his profession the hard way: he was hired as a sparring partner for the reigning heavyweight champion James J. Corbett. In that role, he was not allowed to do much else than to take punishment, but it became evident that he did that exceptionally well. Usually the sparring partners changed their professions, but Jeffries took everything the champion could offer, day after day. In the same year, the inexperienced young fighter fought two notable contenders, Gus Ruhlin and Joe Choynski and held both to draws. It was apparent that he had future in the game.

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I Wish You All Had One Neck…

I look forward to a seat in the electric chair or dance at the end of a rope just like some folks do for their wedding night. The only thanks you and your kind will ever get from me for your efforts on my behalf is that I wish you all had one neck and that I had my hands on it. I have no desire whatever to reform myself. My only desire is to reform people who try to reform me, and I believe that the only way to reform people is to kill ‘em!"

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