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Pin Point Eyes

A man often knows when he is outclassed…and no, the daggers shooting from your eyes will not save you.

You see our heroes are often not what we expect, though sometimes they are…regardless, they just may steal your girlfriend.

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The Demagogue Speaks

This week The Cargo Culte is featured on the “Anatomy of a Blogger” program over at BreakThru Radio.

Listen and laugh as theallseeingi stutters, stumbles, rants and rambles through a hard nosed interview…weep with joy at the delivery of another sublime playlist….

00:00 Intro
01:21 Interview with Isreal part 1
04:29 Mighty Mighty – The Baby Huey Story
07:09 Interview part 2
12:30 To Love Somebody – Dara Puspita
15:27 Interview part 3
26:18 Transition
26:30 LSD – Les 5 Gentlemen
28:32 Stargazer – Rainbow
36:46 Opa Loka – Hawkwind
41:55 Apokalypse – Fehlfarben
45:04 Art Groupie – Grace Jones
47:33 Say It Loud – Black Randy & The Metro Squad
50:26 Long Uneven Hair – Thaanh Mai
55:01 Flying Over Russia – Marine Girls
57:04 You Must Be A Witch – The Lollipop Shoppe
59:51 Mer – Francoise Hardy
61:33 Farewell
61:56 The Widow Maker – Robert Calvert
64:34 Finish

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Mickey vs. The Air Pirates

Draw a mouse, go to jail. That, it seemed, was the ultimate conclusion of a case that wended its way throughout the 1970s from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to the Supreme Court and back. In an age of easy and ubiquitous copying, that case matters more now than ever.

On one side was the plaintiff, Walt Disney Productions. Its good-hearted, uplifting, family-oriented fare drew upon values–patriotism and Puritanism, consumerism and conformity–that the cultural revolution of the ’60s had called into question, and fed those values back to a public in need of reassurance, earning it, back then, $750 million a year.

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From Genesis Sprung Perfection

Genesis-Belgian Television Performance 1972

As if you needed another reminder that the eventual Fall was a fucking crime…

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