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My history with Eric Wood goes back some 20 odd years. We worked together at Some Crust Bakery in Claremont, CA in the early and mid 90’s, collaborated for some time within Man is Bastard and Bastard Noise and even shared a household for a couple of years.

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The Foreigner

Could a man raised in a dangerous cult, with a history of insurgency towards these United States, become the leader of this very same country? Could a man with no name, no document of his birth, who spent his formative years spreading the doctrines of his clannish faith among those who’ve shown themselves hostile to America become President?

These are indeed dangerous times we live in.

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Kenseth Thibideau-Lost

from Repetition (Temporary Residence Ltd.) 2010


We rarely play the role of the hype machine here at The Cargo Culte, it’s not really what we do and we prefer to leave those duties to others more suited to that endeavor. That being said, I can play cheerleader when so inspired.

Temporary Residence is one of the few active labels out there that have my allegiance in the same manner as the those that were in my circle when I really came into my own in punk during the early 90’s…your Gravity Records, Kill Rock Stars, Slap a Ham and Vermiforms  or what have you.

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Monsieur Antipyrine’s Manifesto

DADA is our intensity: it erects inconsequential bayonets and the Sumatral head of German babies; Dada is life with neither bedroom slippers nor parallels; it is against and for unity and definately against the future; we are wise enough to know that our brains are going to become flabby cushions, that our anti dogmatism is as exclusive as a civil servant, and that we cry liberty but are not free; a severe necessity with entire discipline nor morals and that we spit on humanity.

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Theses Against Occultism

Occultism is the metaphysic of dunces. The mediocrity of the mediums is no more accidental than the apocryphal triviality of the revelations. Since the early days of spiritualism the Beyond has communicated nothing more significant than dead granny’s greetings and the prophecy of an imminent journey. The excuse that the world of spirits can convey no more to poor human reason than the latter can take in, is equally absurd, an auxiliary hypothesis of the paranoiac system; the lumen naturale has, after all, taken us somewhat further than the journey to grandmother, and if the spirits do not wish to acknowledge this, they are ill-mannered hobgoblins with whom it is better to break off all dealings.

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