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Advice For Young People

a piece of handwritten advice from Thelonius Monk to saxophonist Steve Lacy in 1960

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Operation Ajax

While drowning in the oceans of sickly sweet platitudes and musings on the 10 year anniversary of the September attacks I can’t help but remember the inane question asked time and again a decade back: “Why do they hate us?”. This was hardly a new question, nor the first generation to ask it. In 1953 during an NSC meeting President Eisenhower reportedly mentioned that "it was a matter of great distress to him that we seemed unable to get some of these down-trodden countries to like us instead of hating us." To be sure the answers are varied. Whether it be our support of Zionists, or the fact that we have made gunboat diplomacy a cornerstone in our foreign policy since the Barbary Wars and our invasion of Tripoli. Still in my mind there is a singular event that stands head above rest in deserving a hearty “fuck you forever” from the Muslim word to to the West: the cynical overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran by the United States and Britain, to protect our hegemony over their oil reserves.

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Philosophy in the Bedroom

Tender women, you ablaze with love’s fire, compensate yourselves now, and do so boldly and unafraid; persuade yourselves that there can exist no evil in obedience to Nature’s promptings, that it is not for one man she created you, but to please them all, without discrimination. Let no anxiety inhibit you. Imitate the Greek republicans; never did the philosophers whence they had their laws contrive to make adultery a crime for them, and nearly all authorized disorderliness among women. Thomas More proves in his Utopia that it becomes women to surrender themselves to debauchery, and that great man’s ideas were not always pure dreams.

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