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Colonel David Mustaine, Layer of Hands

“I met a fan in Kentucky who had throat cancer. He was only supposed to live a few weeks. For some reason, I reached out, grabbed his throat, and started praying for the dude. He lives long enough to give me [the certificate] on our next tour.”

And with the most Holy Gift of Healing delivered from on high, the ranks of that most august personage of men, the Kentucky Colonels, swells by one.

“It’s signed by the governor and says I’m an honorary Kentucky Colonel.”

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Blow! Blow man, blow!

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Hunter and The Tramp

The origins of Hunter Thompson’s 1966 book, Hell’s Angels: The Strange Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs can be found in a 1965 article for The Nation magazine. The article entitled The Motorcycle Gangs: Losers and Outsiders prompted several book offers. Accepting a deal with Random House Thompson spent the next year living in close quarters with the Oakland and San Bernardino chapters of the Hell’s Angels, interviewing them extensively.

Interviewed here is an iconic member of the Oakland chapter, John Terrence Tracy a.k.a. Terry the Tramp. Thompson questions him about various run-ins with the law and other Hells Angles activities.

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January 1942: 500 Wehrmacht soldiers found themselves surrounded by the Red Army on the Eastern Front. Suffering in temperatures of –22 Fahrenheit, marching through snowdrifts that at times reached waist high, soldiers began to lie down in the snow to die. Six hours into their escape they claimed they could go no further. Commanders made the decision to dispense Pervitin among the men. The unit doctor later wrote: “After half an hour, the men began spontaneously reporting that they felt better. They began marching in orderly fashion again, their spirits improved, and they became more alert.”

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Sticky Fingers

correspondence between Warhol and Jagger

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