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Senator X And The Swastika Swishery

David Ignatius Walsh was the hometown hero, a lion of the pre World War II Boston Irish community. He had served as Governor of Massachusetts followed by five terms in the U.S. Senate, the first Irish Catholic to hold the post. He was a confirmed bachelor, somewhat of a dandy with a penchant for flashy clothes, but he was also a political bulldog unafraid to take tough positions. Throughout his career he had taken a stance against the Ku Klux Klan, stood in favor of Woman’s Suffrage, advocated the advancement of Jews within American political society, and most notably took a hard position in support of American isolationism and anti-imperialism. He contested America’s authority over the Philippines in the wake of the Spanish-American War, and as we raced towards conflict with Germany for a second time he worked tirelessly to avoid entanglement with what he viewed as a foreign war.

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In the upcoming weeks The Demagogues will begin production of our own podcast and we need your help! In order to complete our vision for the intro, we ask that you record yourself vocalizing our treatise: “We the Demagogues of The Cargo Culte postulate that art is the central element in our conspicuous display of wealth, status and lineage among our elite class. Lacking talent and ideas of our own, the music and fashion of the dispossessed will provide the fuel for a new and syncretic identity for us, the colonial elites. To create the splendor of an entirely new culture and establish it’s credibility, we the Demagogues and you as our gentle patrons, will exploit and coopt the distinctive aspects of the autochthonous…documenting new myths of origin, new treatise cementing our special favor and establishing a new hierarchy…”

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Jack Kerouac to Marlon Brando, 1957.

“I’m praying that you will buy ‘On The Road’ and make a movie of it…”

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Stone Cold

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Home Cookin’

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