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No Honor Among Mixtapes #3

Our very earliest associates and supporters may remember that the origins of The Cargo Culte lay in a collection of mixes that BaddBob and I began sharing in the late fall and winter of 2008. A few scant months after the banking meltdown I found myself back in Los Angeles after eight years of wandering, living off of unemployment. BaddBob a behind the scenes guy in television and commercials as well found himself without much paying work in those days. In short we had nothing but time on our hands and these mixes were the result. For me, I collected my own under one header entitled the No Honor Among Mixtapes series. There were 14 issues under this series including #.5 and #.75, so named because they were crafted for my new love (and later mother of my two children, matriarch of our clan).

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This Is How Latin America Suffers

published 1983

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Stand Your Ground

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With Regards, Uncle Joe

Line worker posing with early Soviet atomic weapon. 1950.

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Smoke Session

Willie Nelson shares a joint with John Belushi as he pinkie swears with a Hells Angel at the Lone Star Cafe. 1980

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