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The Foreigner

Could a man raised in a dangerous cult, with a history of insurgency towards these United States, become the leader of this very same country? Could a man with no name, no document of his birth, who spent his formative years spreading the doctrines of his clannish faith among those who’ve shown themselves hostile to America become President?

These are indeed dangerous times we live in.

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Sawney Beane

From time to time in the course of human history natural depravity plumbs new depths—and not only during wars. The Sawney Beane case concerned a family that lived in a cave and chose murder, cannibalism, and incest as its way of life. For twenty-five years this family, rejecting all accepted standards of human behaviour and morality, carried on a vicious guerrilla war against humanity. Even a medieval world accustomed to torture and violence was horrified.

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