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Look, It’s Baseball

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Discussions on appropriation, purity,transcendence and the culture mine with Miles Seaton of Akron/Family and Aaron Kenyon of Man is the Bastard. IF AN OLD MAN DOES NOT GRUMBLE…DO WE KNOW HE YET DRAWS BREATH?

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1. Ensemble de Gongs Musique for the Sacrifice to the Spirits of the Community House
2. Hanatarashi Hanazumari
3. Behead The Prophet, No Lord Shall Live Lewd Lewd Lewd
Voodoo Drums of the Congo
4. Hanatarashi Hanazumari 2
5. Bill Orcutt Lip Rich
6. Howlin’ Wolf The Natchez Burnin’
7. Kim Suk Chul 門クッ四物
8. Bahta Gèbrè-Heywèt Tezeta
10.Guided By Voices I Am a Scientist
11.Exuma You Don’t Know What’s Going On
12.Pharaoh Sanders Gretting To Saud
13.Nils Okland Slor
14.Nils Okland Blond Bla
15.Lonnie Holley Looking For All
16.Albert Ayler Ghosts

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No Honor Among Mixtapes #.5

Our very earliest associates and supporters may remember that the origins of The Cargo Culte lay in a collection of mixes that BaddBob and I began sharing in the late fall and winter of 2008. A few scant months after the banking meltdown I found myself back in Los Angeles after eight years of wandering, living off of unemployment. BaddBob a behind the scenes guy in television and commercials as well found himself without much paying work in those days. In short we had nothing but time on our hands and these mixes were the result. For me, I collected my own under one header entitled the No Honor Among Mixtapes series. There were 14 issues under this series including this one #.5 and #.75, so named because they were crafted for my new love (and later mother of my two children, matriarch of our clan).

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The Babalon Working

"[The angel] carried my spirit away to the desert. I saw the Scarlet Woman sitting on the Beast with seven heads and ten horns, covered with blasphemous names. The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, with a colden cup in her hand filled with the abominations and the unclean things of her fornication. On her forehead a name had been written, a mystery: Babalon the Great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth. I saw the woman was drunk from the blood of the Saints, and from the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. Seeing her, I wondered greatly."

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Sawney Beane

From time to time in the course of human history natural depravity plumbs new depths—and not only during wars. The Sawney Beane case concerned a family that lived in a cave and chose murder, cannibalism, and incest as its way of life. For twenty-five years this family, rejecting all accepted standards of human behaviour and morality, carried on a vicious guerrilla war against humanity. Even a medieval world accustomed to torture and violence was horrified.

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