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Mount Analogue

Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing. A monster discussion with John Whitson founder of Holy Mountain Records. DEEP CULTURE.

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1-JA Seazer ダルマンジーザン(試作曲) edit
2-Davis Redford Triad Smoke Signals In The Rain
3-The Rolling Stones All Down The Line                        
4-Laxmikan Pyarelal Ek Do Teen Char
5-Agitation Free Laila, Part 2
6-Fred Bigot Binary edit
7-Onna Haha Nareba Koso edit
8-Daniel Higgs Moharsing and Schoenhut
9-Ainotamenishis Shitokinayo
10-Les Rallizes Denudes 造花の原野
11-Aufgehoben Earphoran Eye
12-Haino O’Rourke Ambarchi Invited In… edit
13-Davis Redford Triad Plum Village edit
14-Lulu Doronco Gumo
15-The Sir Douglas Quintet Oh Baby, It Just Don’t Matter
16-Lords of Falconry Creeping, the Ether

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The Brigade is Everywhere

Capitalism is a vicious circle.

People’s sweat and blood is used and exploited. They make us produce shit… they give us next to nothing while their class pockets huge profits… the ruling class…

Then, when we put the overalls aside, we clean up the muck from our faces and we take the boring bus or train home and they suddenly transform us into consumers. In other words when we are not working they make us buy… the same shit we produced. The miserable wage packet they gave us they make us spend on useless food, on machines specially designed to break down and on houses we know look and feel like prisons.

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