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Axe Murderers


The thud of jackboots. Justin Trosper of Sub Pop’s Survival Knife and Unwound “The Most Important Band of the 90’s” sings of the great crowds agitated by work, pleasure and revolt; the multi-colored and polyphonic surf of revolutions in modern capitals. Poetry is a violent assault on the forces of the unknown, forcing them to bow before man. There is no masterpiece that has not an aggressive character. Beauty exists only in struggle.

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  1. Melvins Influence of Atmosphere
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The Great Nordic Biker War

The Hell’s Angels long had global ambitions. From their humble beginnings in 1948 as a pack of thrillseeking and hellraising ex-airmen out of Fontana, California to near mythic ,and certainly iconic, status under the leadership of Sonny Barger out of Oakland less than 20 years later with chapters all over the United States. Today The Hell’s Angels acknowledge more than one hundred chapters spread over 29 countries.

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White Magic

"Wherever I go people start talking about me, saying that my legs and hands can fetch a fortune in Tanzania,"

–Mary Owido, Nairobi, Kenya

The belief that albino body parts hold magical powers and can confer longevity has been long held in East Africa. Albinos are feared by some in this region as “ghosts from Europe” or as embodiments of evil spirits. These outcasts were ripe for exploitation by Tanzanian witch doctors who decided to embark “on an exciting new marketing exercise” beginning in 2007, capitalizing on both widely held bigotry and an animist notion that in order for something to live, something else must die.

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Operation CHAOS

In theory, the CIA’s charter prohibits it from engaging in domestic operations. In practice, that’s taken about as seriously as Jay-Z’s periodic announcements that he’s retiring from show biz.

The CIA explains its massive presence on US campuses by saying that so many foreign students attend US universities, it would be a shame not to try to recruit them. The Domestic Contacts Division is needed to glean information from US tourists and businessmen returning from abroad. Then there’s the Domestic Operations Division, which handles foreign interventions on US soil, like breaking into foreign embassies.

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