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Tales of Old Shanghai

Despite the West’s bluster during the decades of the Cold War, refusing to recognize the Maoist regime and barking about China’s ‘legitimate’ Nationalist government-in-exile, Chiang Kai-Shek even at his most powerful he never did control much of the Chinese mainland. The general’s power base was regulated to the coastal areas, and even then his government was severely compromised by his dependence on the local gangsters and warlords who really controlled the action on the streets of these towns. Chief among these would be ‘Big Ears’ Du Yuesheng of the Green Gang Triad out of Shanghai. To draw a modern parallel, think of Hamid Karzai who’s authority by all reports stops at the Kabul city limits while the opium lords call the shots for the rest of Afghanistan, and you begin to get the picture.

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The Hippie Mafia: Brotherhood of Eternal Love


Thirty nine years ago, the biggest raid that had ever been staged in America’s war on drugs took place when a task force of state, local and federal law enforcement agencies combined to take down a secretive group of hippie acid dealers and hashish smugglers known as the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. On August 5, 1972, cops in California, Oregon and Maui arrested dozens of people, sending an even larger group scattering around the world in pursuit of an underground life that in some cases lasted decades.

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