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My Little Pony

“I began pouring out my pony gear on top Susan who was still prone on the bed.  While Dakota was outside getting his things, I climbed into my black Lycra second skin.  After a quick brushing out of my tail, Susan wrapped my harness belt around my waist, with the long full tail flowing down my legs.  With a glimpse of remorse, I realized that poor Dakota was left to his own devices in getting tacked up, but Susan already had me slipping away – and certainly one pony could not harness another.  I recall holding out my wrists, one at a time, for Susan to buckle into my cuffs… before attaching the cuff to my wrist; she snugged down the arms of my Lycra suit to partially cover my hands.   Noting the care that Susan took with each of my buckles gave me a sense of pride.  A satisfaction that comes from knowing that I belong to such a woman and at the same time being proud of her for taking such good care of her pony.  This sense of pride would swell to Clydesdale proportions before the night was out!  Placing a Lycra hood over my head, she took great care to not spook me (this was my first time in it) and took the time to make sure it was centered on me and to tuck away any wisps of hair that might be poking out.  Having her stand back to admire her work and then having her place kisses on my exposed face was all I needed to slip away totally into pony space. Once all my gear was on, she left me to check on Dakota.  I could not help beaming at them both while they sorted out getting Dakota’s bridle to fit properly.  I think my last coherent thought was wishing that Dakota be able to get into his pony space as nicely as I was… then Susan scooped up our reins!”

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