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The Man Who Lived Through Doomsday

It is doubtful that even his mother could claim the Ludger Sylbaris was a nice man. Born in 1875 on Martinique and known as Sanson (or Samson) for his great strength, by 1902 at the age of 27 he was a habitual drunk and repeat felon. The police were hardly surprised when called to the scene of a knife fight on May 7 1902 that the aggressor was Sylbaris. Charged with slashing his opponent with a cutlass he was given a month’s solitary confinement and the police threw him in the deepest, darkest cell to be found in Saint-Pierre, Martinique.

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Sawney Beane

From time to time in the course of human history natural depravity plumbs new depths—and not only during wars. The Sawney Beane case concerned a family that lived in a cave and chose murder, cannibalism, and incest as its way of life. For twenty-five years this family, rejecting all accepted standards of human behaviour and morality, carried on a vicious guerrilla war against humanity. Even a medieval world accustomed to torture and violence was horrified.

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